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Ray Shoe Charms

Ray Shoe Charms

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Ray Shoe Charms: Splash Into Your Steps!

Brighten up your favorite pair of hole-y footwear with our charming Ray Shoe Charms! Showcasing our cheerful mascot Ray, these charms are a playful way to personalize your water-friendly slip-ons. They snugly fit into the ventilation holes of your shoes, ensuring Ray is always with you, whether you're by the water or on the go.


  • Colorful, durable design with Ray smiling proudly.

  • Fits perfectly into the ventilation holes of popular water-friendly footwear.

  • Easy to install and remove, allowing for quick customization.

  • Resistant to water and wear, ideal for any adventure.

With Ray Shoe Charms, every step brings a bit of Splashway joy to your day. Perfect for fans who want to carry a piece of the park wherever they go, these charms make your shoes as unique as your memories at Splashway!

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